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Before you go skating for your first time it is important to understand the basics of the sport. It’s a good idea to properly fit your skates and protective gear before you attempt to skate. Learning the introductory skating maneuvers will insure you have a good experience.

Braking Info

If you are new to inline skating, learning speed control and how to stop with a brake takes practice. A skate brake pad doesn’t slow or stop you like a mechanical car or bicycle brake. It requires technique. Practice the braking motion first on a flat non-rolling surface like a rug or flat grass. Once you are comfortable with the motion, move to a perfectly flat rolling surface such as an indoor floor or outdoor basketball court. Do not attempt to skate down a slight slope or incline without mastering the ability to slow and stop yourself with the brake first. You can watch one of many great videos on that give tips and pointers on learning to properly use your brake.

Get Started

Watch the series of videos below to learn the basics of getting started on inline skates. This series of videos covers how to properly fit your skates and protective gear and introductory skills.

01. Choose your inline skates for your style of skating
02.Choose the right size of inline skates
03. Choose the right protective gear
04.How to fit and put on protective gear
05.How to put on your skate
06.Get up
07.Basic Stride
08.A Frame Turn
09.Heel Stop and Speed Control

Want More Advice?

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