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First-timers: BMW Berlin-Marathon Inline Skating

Esmee (30) and Erik (31) from Amsterdam are excited about their upcoming adventure. This duo is about to skate the BMW Berlin-Marathon for the first time this year. Esmee and Erik like a challenge and really feel like conquering this goal as a couple. In addition to their skate training the couple also works on their nutrition to get into shape and feel fresh at the start of the race. They're motivated to boost their confidence and work on their overall fitness. The BMW Berlin-Marathon is a big goal, but approaching it in small training steps is making it doable. Esmee and Erik can’t wait to cross the start and the finish line of the largest inline marathon in the world. Keep an eye on the first-timers as they will roll over the finish line in Berlin on the 24th of September. Interested in skating the BMW Berlin-Marathon? Register now and join in on the fun!