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Danny's Point: How to Grind

In this episode of Danny’s Point we join Danny on a beautiful at the skatepark to learn the basics of grinding on inline skates. When you have mastered the basics of inline skating you might find yourself adventuring into the skate park or streets.  Here you’ll see other skaters sliding across handrails or ledges.  This movement is called grinding, and, done correctly, grinding makes you feel like you are floating.


Before you can hit a rail or ledge the following is needed to get started:

  • A pair of Rollerblade® urban or street skates
  • A little bit of candle wax
  • A rail or ledge at approximately shin height
  • A healthy amount of “can do attitude”


Why you need these four elements to do a basic frontside or sole grind will be explained by Danny in this video. Hit play listen and watch and before you know it you’ll be grinding through your local skatepark.