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Rollerblade® Speed Team Recap: Always Faster

Veronica and Doucelin: 3 Tracks Trophee (April 16-18, 2022)

Amazing weekend on the French tracks of Pibrac and Gujan-mestras. In an elite world-level competition, Veronica Luciani (It) managed to take the bronze in the women’s overall. She did very well with the help of her teammate, Alicia Delhommais (Fra, 7th of the overall). Doucelin Pédicone (Fra) took the bronze in the men’s overall too. It was a fight to the end with Patxi Peula (Spa, Desliza Vittoria Hydrogen Pro Wheels) and Timothy Loubineaud (Powerslide). His teammates Matteo Barison (It) and Quentin Giraudeau (Fra) worked hard for Doucelin to take the medal.


New podiums in Gross Gerau Europa Cup (April 22-23, 2022) for the team

Doucelin Pédicone (Fra) captured the gold in the overall long-distance races on the fastest track in Europe. In Germany, Doucelin showed his technical and tactical skills. Veronica Luciani (It) finished a very close second place behind Gabriela Vargas (Col, NL Custom International).


Louhans CFMR marathon: Doucelin take the gold (May 8, 2022)

He fought hard and took home gold at the Coupe de France Marathon Roller (French Cup). Doucelin (Fra) managed to initiate the winning break away and to take the gold against Hugo Gérard (AC World Team) and Louis Colin (RMGC Hydrogen Pro Wheels Team).


2 Top 10 at Rennes sur Roulettes WIC marathon for the team (May 22, 2022)

Alicia Delhommais and Doucelin Pédicone worked the race during that French stage of the World Inline Cup. Doucelin captured the 9th place. Alicia finished 8th of the final sprint. Two Top 10 at a tough race full of intense competitors.


Alicia takes gold at Madeira track races (June 8-10, 2022)

Alicia Delhommais (Fra) raced with the National Team at the Mad Roller 2022 of Madeira (Portugal), winning both of the long-distance races! Doucelin Pédicone (Fra) took an unfortunate fall during the series and was injured, which took him out of the race.


Silver for Matteo at Belpathlon SST 30k (June 19, 2022)

Matteo Barison (It) managed to initiate the final breakaway, along with Severin Widmer (Swi) and Nicolas Iten (Swi) from Rollerblade Rolling Rock. Matteo finished second behind Severin on this Swiss Skate Tour stage.


Silver for Sevrin at Hamburg Hella GIC half marathon (June 26, 2022)

Another race finished with a key breakaway. Severin Widmer (Swi) and Viktor Thorup (Den) were teammates in that race and worked together for the final sprint. Severin finished second, behind Felix Rijhnen (Ger, Powerslide) while Viktor finished 4th of this German Inline Cup stage.


Veronica in gold at the European championship (September)

It is always a special feeling when you race well at home. Veronica Luciani had that privilege in September when she participated in the European championship in L’Aquila with the Italian selection. She won two titles: the 1000m and the 3000m relay both on track. The two time European champion won her ticket to the World Skate Games of October-November in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the Azzurro selection.


Top 20s at the Berlin Marathon (September 25, 2022)

It is the biggest event of the season, with more than 5000 participants. The path is the same as the famous running Berlin Marathon. Again, the Rollerblade® crew gathered in the German capital, with some fitness and recreational skaters who also race and had a lot of fun. The entire Rollerblade® Speed Team was there as well. Alicia Delhommais and Veronica Luciani had to wait until the final sprint to find an opportunity to push for the podium, but they couldn’t get through the pack quite fast enough. Alicia finished 15th and she had the fitness and fortitude to tackle the running marathon the day after. In the men’s race, the best result was caught by Patxi Peula who finished 13th.  Doucelin Pédicone took the 19th place. Rafale Heredia, Matteo Barison, Severin Widmer and Nicolas Iten served their teammates well during this event.


Doucelin takes bronze at the World Skate Games

The World Skate Games are considered the Olympic Games for the skate sports, like artistic, rink hockey, roller hockey, inline downhill, skate board, and scooter. Inline speed skating was one of the sports scheduled, with competitions on the track, a road circuit, and a marathon in the streets of Buenos Aires. Doucelin Pédicone captured the bronze medal in the elimination race on track after he did a perfect lead-out for his French teammate Martin Ferrié. Veronica Luciani also participated in the World Skate Games with the Italian selection.


From Europe to South America, on the track and on the road, short distances and marathons, the Rollerblade® Speed Team had a exceptional race seaion in 2022. We want to thank Veronica Luciani, Alicia Delhommais, Doucelin Pédicone, Matteo Barison, Quentin Giraudeau, and also Aura Quintana, Patxi Peula, Rafael Heredia, Marcos Vicos Deus, Severin Widmer and Nicolas Iten for giving their best and taking victories and podiums in 2022. We’re heading into 2023 with new hopes, new goals, but the same team support and strength!