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Join A Weekly Skate!

Join A Weekly Skate!


Whether new to skating or a long-time skater, finding your skating community helps motivate you and push your skating abilities. Skating is for everyone, and many weekly skates share a rating so you can determine if the skate route is right for your abilities and interest. 


The connection that you can get from meeting other skaters crosses all boundaries and regardless of backgrounds, language, or beliefs, you feel a bond with your fellow skaters. There are similar events in other cities so look for one near you!


We joined two recent weekly skates with our Rollerblade Van and had such a great time connecting with skaters!  Each week, the Denver Urban Skate Troop (@denverurbanskate) meets up to skate together and Rollerblade was on hand to skate with them with our van. We also checked out the Minneapolis Friday Night Skate (@mpls_friday_night_skate) and celebrated with a BBQ and several skate sessions.  Check out where we will be next here.