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Ralph Nauta from DRIFT: The Impact of Inline Skating

We met up with one of the founders of the international renowned artist collective – DRIFT. This group of talented artists create sculptures merging nature and technology in numerous exhibitions and projects around the world. DRIFT brings together people, space, and nature to the same frequency; uniting audiences with experiences that inspire a reconnection to our planet. Ralph’s favorite installation is Franchise Freedom: an art installation of 600 drones that mimic starlings flight behavior high up in the sky.


The vision and direction of Ralph’s work was formed in the early days of inline skating. Ralph has been an inline street skater since 1991. His father bought him a pair and the passion for this style of movement has never faded. The essence of inline skating - Be free to do what you want in life. - translates into his creative artwork. As with skating - your perspective on life and the world we live in translates into the tricks you perform, combinations you make, and the flow you experience.


This perspective is clearly seen in the work and installations of Ralph: Freedom. No boundaries. Thinking outside of the box. Passion and perspective; that’s what it’s all about.
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