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The Macroblade Family: Episode 1 - Fitness

The Macroblade family of skates, from the X-Fit line, meets every skaters’ needs. From casual skating to cross training, a great experience awaits. The Macroblade family offers a variety of cuff heights, wheel sizes, and other features so that the right skate for any ability is available.

In this episode of “The Macroblade Family” we follow Erika from Barcelona. Her genre of skating is fitness oriented for a total body workout. Erika skates the Macroblade 110 3WD W featuring knit technology. With the premium liner, SG9 bearings, and twinblade aluminium 3WD frame, this is the perfect skate for Erika and any other ability level. She loves the 110mm Supreme wheel setup, which allows her to skate more distance with less fatigue. Visit and check out the full Macroblade family of skates.