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14x41 feat. Sven Boekhorst

Rollerblade®’s very own Sven Boekhorst just opened a new “restaurant” named 14x41. The name of the restaurant is based on the age he started skating and his current age:  14x41. The website for this great project has a lot of information, including 3 amazing video parts free of charge.  There is also a donate button to show your appreciation and help grow and inspire generations of inline skaters.

“Like the taste of it? Feel free to leave a tip and donate. All proceeds will go to free skate lessons for the youth in Area 51 skatepark. For these lessons, we will work with a new skate instructor. Besides the donations made by you, the chefs of 14X41 will additionally donate 41 of Rollerblade® inline skates to Area 51 skatepark for kids to use for free.”

As a proud sponsor, Rollerblade® is happy to donate 41 pairs of inline skates for kids to use at the  Area 51 Skatepark. With this we hope to stoke the stoke for kids getting into our sport.

Visit the website for more information.