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A Dream come true, time to celebrate with a triple backflip.

Many street and stunt skaters around the world dream of a skatepark or a ramp in their own garden. A few are able to make this dream come true. Italian street and park rider Giovanni Peterle made his dream reality. Inspired by the world famous Nitrocircus, that travels around the globe and pushes the limits in action sports, Giovanni started to realise his dream in the beginning of this year.

Step by step he manages to create a massive ramp for him and his friends to push boundaries for action sports. With a roll in of 12,5 meters high, a kicker of 3,25 meters and a landing of 5 meters the first clip of his own compound surfaces on his Instagram page in July. Inspired by freestyle motocross and freeskiing we see Giovanni do multiple flips, corks and spins at his private ramp.

In total Giovanni spend over two years to create his ramp and land the tricks he has in mind. He paid with blood, sweat, tears and euro’s and now he can proudly claim he is one of the few in the world to land the triple backflip.

Congratulations Giovanni, keep pushing your tricks and we hope he inspires people to progress their skills and even create your own park to improve you skating.
Follow Giovanni on instagram check out the clip of the amazing triple backflip.