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BLANK: New and Innovative Tools for Street and Park Skating

With huge stoke we introduce BLANK by Rollerblade®. The Blank street and park skate is specifically created for urban terrain. Hit the streets or the park like it’s your Blank canvas. Create what you want, how you want.

The beta version of the BLANK SK skate has just landed in shops around the world in limited quantities. The Blank SK beta skate is the first signature model for Sean Keane. Sean is known as one the of most creative and progressive street skaters in the industry, and has been an influential Rollerblade® pro team skater for over a decade.

A decade of athlete feedback and equipment experimentation lead to the creation of the Blank SK beta skate by Rollerblade®. It is a sleek, minimal street skate developed in collaboration with and for the Rollerblade® Blank international street team.

The skate has some unique and premium features such as the new streamlined, Direct Mount Soleplate that provides a strong and direct mount of the UFS frame to shell. The Direct Mount Soleplate keeps the skaters center of gravity as low as possible, which provides better balance and ultimate control. The cuff and buckle closure system work together to deliver maximum security and support.

The new V2 Blank liner with articulated, anatomical padding and PSI footbed work together to provide optimal stability, protection and comfort. Also included is the footboard sizer, which allows a skater to reduce the internal volume of the skate, and or reduce the fit by a half size.

The Blank SK beta skate by Rollerblade® is currently available with limited quantity and size run, and the reaction by skaters has been overwhelmingly positive. Hit up your local skate shop to grab a pair or to get information for the next release of the full size run which is scheduled for June 2022.

Get hyped and watch this video of the Blank SK beta skate by Rollerblade®.