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Investing in the Future: Erika Zanetti Visits South Korea

More then 2000 skaters recently attended the 2018 Jeonju World Inline Marathon.  Elite skaters from all over the world came to join one of the most important marathons in Korea.  The event boasted a beautiful, wide road with amazing surface along the downtown section of the course.

Rollerblade® was there to support the event in every way.  Erika Zanetti did coach and also supported the kids race with almost 1000 kids.  The kids' race was all about having fun with friends and family on skates.  Erika Zanetti also gave back to the skate community by visiting some speed skating clubs to teach clinics with the kids. They were eager to learn and super focused on their technique.  Working with the future generations and sharing the passion for skating is an important goal for Rollerblade®!