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Rollerblade® in Paris

Guillaume de Mallevoue in bronze in Paris

This was the last big race of the season for the Rollerblade World Team. The book of 2017 is almost closed now, and it finishes on a good note. Guillaume de Mallevoue took the third place behind two world champions of the marathon, Ewen Fernandez (in 2015) and Nolan Beddiaf (this year).

In sunny conditions and warm temperatures, this first Marathon Rollers of Paris was closed in a very fast time (1hr, average speed of 40km/h). The long strait lines of the Parisian avenues are perfect for the sport, even if it was tricky sometimes, with tiny roads and stones. In the race, Guillaume did a perfect job behind a very strong Ewen Fernandez. He managed to open a gap with another skater and was on his way to take the silver, when a motorcycle stopped urgently: that obliged the Rollerblade skater to break and to re-accelerate. But that permitted Nolan Beddiaf to come back too... 


Quentin Giraudeau, Brayan Garzon and Aura Quintana also competed in Paris. They finished in the Top 20 of their categories.


Anyway, it is good to see the team on the podiums again, just under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. In the last two races, the black and yellow were unfortunate. This is an old story now! We will focus on 2018 to re-accelerate again.