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Unleash Your Adventure: Experience the Perfect Inline Skating Getaway!

Many people skate to get around on vacation or in new cities.  Skates are easy to bring on the plane with our skate bags and, with some planning, you can discover some amazing places.  Skating can give you a unique vantage point and you can easily stop along the way at a local café or to take in the local scene.

It does take some planning to figure out where to skate and your route.  There are many ways to plan from using an app to researching on travel sites, but perhaps you want someone to do the work for you?  Enter Zephyr Adventures, a specialized tour company with decades of experience, who has an Inline Skate Tour in Switzerland already planned out for this August. 

What makes Switzerland unique is that they have designated and marked inline skate routes. The Skate Tour kicks off on August 15 and runs through August 20, 2024, and includes both the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance.  Sample the amazing Swiss cuisine and the culture, while enjoying the outdoors and getting exercise.  Check out their site for more information.

If you are looking for recommendations on skates to bring on this trip, Rollerblade® recommends:

  • Twister XT- Molded boot shell support and high performance with lower balance 80mm wheels that allow maneuverability.
  • Maxxum XT -  Molded boot shell support and high performance larger 90mm wheels for the perfect balance of speed and agility. 
  • Lightning 90- Molded boot shell support and a more forgiving wider fit, with larger 90mm wheels for the perfect balance of speed and agility.