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Rollerblade® Speed Team 2021

One word to describe speed skaters… READY.


Ready to train. Ready to go fast. Ready to put in the kilometers. Ready to race. Ready to help your teammates. Ready to take the victory. Whether it’s cold or hot; sunny or rainy; tired or amped; you need to be ready.


The Rollerblade® Speed team was designed to be ready. Ewen Fernandez, Doucelin Pédicone, Bastien Lhomme and Quentin Giraudeau were born to be speed skaters. They are always ready, especially when it’s time to compete. This season two of the Rollerblade® speed skaters, Viktor Thorup and Fabio Francolini, are preparing for the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. They will be competing on the ice, and they will be ready for this big event as well.


We couldn’t be more stoked to support the Rollerblade® Speed Team. With the DSX skinsuit and the Mariani custom boots; the Hydrogen Pro wheels and the Twincam ILQ-9 Pro bearings on the Rollerblade® aluminum frame; the Rudy Project Spectrum helmet and Rudy Project Defender glasses; this team is READY! Get ready to follow the Rollerblade® Speed Team on all their adventures this race season.