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Sporting the prominent yellow and black speedsuits, our strong and competitive team managed to show off their skill and speed at various events around the globe.  Whether they were on the track or at the traditional road races the team dominated. Five top of the podium victories at the biggest inline events in the world, many more steps on the podium, and a few invitations to premier international competitions on national teams…  2019 was a great year for the Rollerblade® Speed Team.

The Rollerblade® Speed Team is made up of the following athletes :  Ewen Fernandez (France), Mike Paez (Mexico), Doucelin Pédicone (France) Quentin Giraudeau (France), Guillaume De Mallevoue (France) and Doucelin Pédicone (France).

Ewen Fernandez won four competitions and nearly won several others. At the age of 30, the French skater is still on top. He is able to break away and to finish strong, as was evident at the NorthShore Inline Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota and at the Roll’athlon (103k race). He also sprints with the best as he did at the World Inline Cups of Berlin, Oropesa or Rennes. No doubt, Ewen is on of the top skaters in the world. Doucelin Pédicone showed he has a lot of speed and skill of his own. He continues to learn and thrive  as he took the win in Paris. His rankings in Berlin, Barcelona and Pamplona prove he is a rising star of speed skating. Mike Paez and Quentin Giraudeau also shined with their national selections. They participated in the continental events : PanAm Games and  European Championship, as well as the World Games for Mike Paez.

Guillaume De Mallevoue was strong again in 2019. He started the season in a very good position with some top ten finishes at each race in which he participated, including some World Cups. His main goal for the first part of the season was the marathon at the World Games in Barcelona. Unfortunately, he sustained a terrible crash at the event.  Being the fighter he is, Guillaume is now working hard to get back to his top level fitness.  As an integral part of our team, and also as our friend, Rollerblade® sends him well-wishes for complete healing and a quick recovery. It would be a huge victory for all of us to have Guillaume racing next season.


2020 is coming.  While reflection on accomplishment is important, we also look to the future and new goals to achieve.

• Clinic and Rollerblade meeting in Malaga (Spain) in February
With Ewen, Guillaume and Doucelin
One week under the sun of Spain with the entire crew.
We had a lot of fun, and we worked on the content and some videos there.

• World Inline Cup events
Oropesa (Spain) – Ewen 2nd
Ewen was in a break away with 2018 World champion Felix Rijnhen (who finished 1st) and 2019 World champion Nolan Beddiaf (who finished 3rd)

Dijon Marathon des Grands Crus (France) – Ewen 7th, Guiillaume 8th and Doucelin 9th
The final bunch sprint went bad.

Rennes sur Roulettes(France) – Ewen 4th, Guillaume 8th and Doucelin 10th
Felix Rijhnen managed to escape from the first group, and Ewen took the wooden medal.

Berlin (Germany) – Ewen 4th and Doucelin 5th
Under the rain and on slippery grounds, Ewen and Doucelin finished very close to the podium in the final sprint.

• Coupe de France events
Dijon and Rennes (see above)

The Rollathlon – Ewen 1st
Ewen escaped and finished alone on this more than 100k race.

• German events
Berlin half marathon – Ewen 3rd
Ewen managed to escape with Nolan Beddiaf (who took the win) and Felix Rijnhen (who finished 2nd) after falling during the race.

Berlin City Night – Ewen 1st and Doucelin 4th
Ewen escaped and finished alone. Doucelin was in the bunch sprint

X-Race – Ewen 1st and Doucelin 2nd
Ewen escaped and finished alone. Doucelin was in the bunch sprint and took the silver.

• Poland event
Gdansk Marathon (Maraton Sierpniowy) – Ewen 2nd
Ewen escaped with world star Bart Swings, who took the win.

• USA event
Duluth marathon (the NorthShore Inline Marathon) – Ewen 1st
Ewen broke and finished alone.

• Spanish event
Madrid Marathon (Maraton Internacional de Patinaje) – Guillaume 2nd and Doucelin 4th
Guillaume managed to escape with local star Patxi Peula, who took the win. Doucelin was in the first chasing group.

• French event
Marathon de Paris (Paris Rollers Marathons) – Doucelin 1st and Ewen 6th
Doucelin managed to escape with Flavien Foucher, while the marathon finished under the rain and on very slippery grounds. Ewen was closely watched, and finished in the first group.

• Additional events : international championships
Barcelona World Games Marathon – Ewen 4th and Doucelin 6th
Under the colors of France, Ewen finished very close to a world medal. Doucelin was racing for Rollerblade and managed to finish close to the podium while he was alone.

Pamplona European championship marathon – Doucelin 8th
Doucelin was racing for France and finished in the first group in the bunch sprint.

• Other events
Photoshooting in Nantes with Ewen, Guillaume, Quentin and Doucelin
The team realised some pictures and a video.

Video making in Berlin with Ewen and Quentin in April
Ewen gave some tips for the Berlin Marathon.
Ewen and Quentin gave a video on the famous Tempelhof Airport.