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Miguel Ramirez

Urban Skater, Instructor, Content Creator

Name: Miguel Ramirez
Urban Skater, Instructor, Content Creator
Date of birth: 03/10/89
Current Location: NYC
Skating Since: Early 2000’s
Current Skate Setup: Rollerblade 2023 Crossfire

Explain the feeling you had the first time you put on skates? It’s hard to remember exactly, but I imagine something like pure joy, because afterwards I was hooked.

What is your inspiration to keep skating? How much I’ve grown and acheived as a skater and knowing how much more I can grow. 


We truly believe skating makes a better world. How do you think skating makes the world a better place? 

Poor health and obesity, caused by inactivity and poor nutritional choices, are a big issue in modern day society. Inline skating helped me become fit and healthy, and can help others achieve the same.

How do you keep progressing and reinventing yourself?

 I'm always challenging myself by learning new inline skating disciplines/styles.

What’s the most helpful tip you want to share with any skater? 

Skate with others and learn from them.

Imagine a world filled with animals who can skate. If you could be any of those animals what would you be and why?

I'm pretty sure Raph inline skated. So a Turtle, and while I'm at it also a Ninja. 


Instagram: @Mygo_IG & @Biny_channel